The italian language school il sasso

Montepulciano has the privilege to host one of the most reputed Italian Language School of the country. Since more than three decades Il Sasso school offers language courses and a variety of related activities to students of all ages and professions.

The school is primarily addressed to everyone interested in learning the Italian language and culture but it is often chosen by foreign diplomatic corps, academics and corporate professionals because of its reputation in effective teaching and because it's located in a safe and exceptional artistic context. The students become immediately part of the local community mixing leisure activities to the learning practice.

All the apartments are located at few min walk from the School (see the map below). They are an excellent location not only for attending the courses but also as relaxing place to study and occasionally meeting other students. 

il sasso language school


  • Via Poliziano 38
    53045 Montepulciano
    Tuscany - ITALY


  • +39 351 768 6640

  • +39 351 768 6640

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